Why is it so hard to give up smoking?
9 delusions, illusions and fears which prevent to give up smoking and serve as excuses for smokers.

Delusion 1
— Smoking is a habit.
I can get rid of it when I want!

Actually, everything is not so simple. Even if it is so, smoking from a habit can turn into a disease very quickly. There is the true addiction on a cigarette — not only psychological, but also physical. And then it is already not so easy to quit smoking any minute. Then it will be necessary to be treated for tobacco addiction.

Delusion 2
— Smoking helps me to reduce stress and nervous tension! I give up smoking when everything will be OK!

Have you ever thought about the causes of nervous tension? Does smoking help to cope with the stress associated with troubles at work or at home or a general economic crisis to you? Tension can be associated with lack of a usual cigarette or next portion of tobacco, or is it just fear of such situation?

It is proved that smoking does not reduce stress, and smoking people are inclined to cause depressions more. It is very naïve to think that one day you will face "the general harmony" and "everything will be good". Strong nerves and good health are necessary to resist to difficulties. To smoke or not to smoke? That is a question!

Delusion 3
— Smoking helps me to concentrate, think, and create!

Perhaps, the delay of the next cigarette smoking does not allow to concentrate and interferes with the creative process? The banal chronic disease — the nicotine addiction that is, in fact, drug addiction elevates smoking to a rank of a magic ritual! Smoking is proved to lead to the damage of vessels, blood circulation disturbance including cerebral vessels and to disturbance of cerebral oxygen supply. It leads to decrease of intellectual potential.

Delusion 4
— I would give up smoking and I am afraid to gain weight!

Have you noticed this phrase: "I am afraid". Perhaps, even not the prospect to gain weight, but fear of it prevents you to decide on giving up smoking? 3 kg gained after refusal of smoking, on average is not really "excessive". Scientists consider that it would have been your weight if you did not poison yourselves with tobacco smoke, More considerable increase in weight happens seldom.

If you do not have a tendency to corpulence, a set of "excess" kilograms will not threaten you, or, at least, it won't be terrible for you. An increase in weight after stopping smoking is not so considerable to be afraid of it and excessive weight can always be lost.

By the way, longitudinal smoking can lead to disorder of metabolism.

Delusion 5
— I smoke only light cigarettes. They are not so harmful!

Well of course! You are just a gift for the tobacco companies! A good publicity stunt to hold more clients! "Light" cigarettes which, by definition, have to contain less nicotine and pitches, so, are simply obliged to be "safer" and you may not really suffered, thinking of harmful effect of smoking on your health.

But harmless cigarettes do not exist:
— smoking "light cigarettes" doesn't decrease the risk to get a disorder;
— light cigarettes are smoked more often to satisfy nicotine hunger;
— "light cigarettes" are three times more dangerous to people around, than usual.

Delusion 6
— Perhaps, smoking is also unhealthy, but nothing will happen to me.

Optimism — it is good, but only when it is reasonable! Health is what we do not notice when it exists. Diseases apear, as a rule, after 10-15 continuous smoking. Of course, in youth it is difficult for us to understand that in some of years there can be heart troubles, lungs, vessels of legs, or impotence due to narrowing of the same vessels. Cancer is terrible, but when can it appear! And there is a wish to smoke now!

Delusion 7
— I heard that it's not allowed to give up smoking smoking during pregnancy; it can cause a stress and do much harm to a future child.

It is a terrible delusion and dangerous position! Smoking during pregnancy affects not only health of the woman, but it also influence directly to the growth and development of fetus. Smoking of the pregnant woman and also parents' smoking at presence of a newborn can cause a growth and development disorders of the child and to cause irreparable injury to health of the kid for the rest of life.

If you care for child healthy growth and development, give up smoking as soon as possible, and the best variant immediately.

Delusion 8
— There are so many harmful factors around except smoking. The environmental pollution is so high that to breathe is harmfully equally!

Whether you know that cumulative influence of tobacco smoke and toxic substances from the environment repeatedly increases weight of negative effects of smoking or harmful factors of the environment separately. Smoking plays a major role in this tandem.

For example, in the smokers working in the asbestos industry, the risk of development of lung cancer is 40 times higher, than in non-smoking workers, and 90 times above, than in those who do not smoke and do not work with asbestos.

Delusion 9
— I smoke so long ago and so long that giving up smoking will not help me anymore.

You are precisely wrong! Positive changes start appearing immediately as you give up smoking:
— In 20 minutes pulse and pressure return to the proper level.
— In 8 hours oxygen level in blood returns to norm the proper level.
— In 24 hours carbon monoxide is elucidated from an organism. Lungs begin to be cleaned.
— In 48 hours perception of taste and a smell improves.
— In 3 months function of lungs improves, it becomes easier to breathe, cough disappears.
— In 5 months the risk of heart attack decreases for 50%.
— In 15-20 months the risk of coronary disease of heart and pulmonary diseases, and blood supply in extremities return to the level as if you never smoked!

Have you got any more excuses to go on smoking? Then adjust yourself on success and give up smoking!