Information and education center activities PIMU's School of health
We have won this grant as a part of our information and education center activities "PIMU's School of health", which has been operating for 14 years.

School of health's work includes 3 main directions:
• educational-methodical;
• informational, i.e. direct visit to colleges and universities; delivering lectures, seminars and discussions with students;
• research, including the arrangement and holding thematic conferences, participation in citywide, regional, all-Russian events dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

Every year we organize dozens of events, participate in conferences and learn lots of new and useful things for our life and future work.

In 2019, the Information and education center "PIMU's school of health" turned 14 years old. During this time, our volunteers association has gone a long way from the project idea of a student Masha Artifeksova (currently Maria Sergeevna Artifeksova-PhD, pediatrician) to a large-scale University-wide movement, its participants held more than 1000 events dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyle, with a huge audience coverage, conducting their own research on the impact of lifestyle components on human health.

Our senior colleagues have graduated from the university; they work in the field of medicine in different regions of the country and abroad. They successfully entered the residency, defended thesis and mastered related specialties.