Non-chemical addiction – illusion of reality
High technology is a direct and integral part of human life in the modern society.

Along with a comfortable and convenient life, the modern world gives a person a lot of opportunities for the implementation of his plans and aspirations, as well as offers a variety of leisure options, simplifies the choice of places for recreation and entertainment.

In the "consumer market" there are offers from various spheres of life. A person can buy not only food and clothes, but also the latest computer developments, a slim body, a beautiful smile etc.

However, too high, uncontrolled degree of enthusiasm or overinterest in anything can provoke the development of painful, dependent behavior. In this case, the person substitutes the existing reality that can fill life with real meaning, joy, pleasure, a virtual distorted, painful.

Artificial change of reality "TURNS OFF" a man from the diversity of life, victories, accomplishments, disappointments deprives of happiness

  • Don't sacrifice your real life
  • Focus on real cases, plans, tasks.
  • Strive to achieve success in the present!

Non-chemical addiction is illusion of reality
The world of non-chemical addictions is very wide.
The most common of these are:

Сomputer addiction
In the last 20 years, the Internet has spread around the world and has become indispensable in both professional and everyday life of millions of people. They make purchases, communicate, get information on any desired issue, etc. using Internet. It is hard to name a life phenomenon that would not be influenceded by the Internet.

Growing computerization and " internetization» of Russian society has caused the problem of the development of internet addiction. Uncontrolled use of Internet resources by children and Teens leads to total immersion in the virtual world (social networks, computer-games, etc.) and a decrease in the level of involvement in active real life. This prevents achievement of important life goals, formation of positive communication skills, constructive conflict resolution and social adaptations.


Psychological symptoms:
  • Obsession to constantly check email, visit social networks, play computer games;
  • increase the time spent at the computer;
  • good mood arises only at the computer;
  • it is impossible to stop and leave the computer, even if free time is over and it's time to move on to other things;
  • other interests and family affairs are abandoned;
  • a person feels empty, irritated, his mood deteriorates in the absence of a computer,;
  • there are problems with work or study (absenteeism, decreased academic performance or efficiency, interpersonal conflicts, etc.).
  • Physical symptoms:
  • dry and red eyes;
  • headaches;
  • back pain;
  • body weight loss due to irregular nutrition;
  • neglect of personal hygiene and untidy appearance;
  • sleep disorders (insufficient sleep, intermittent, anxious).

FITNESS addiction

Sport is subdivided into: sport for health (morning exercises, Jogging etc.) and professional sport. Currently, extreme sports (half-pipe, Boardcross, freeride, slopestyle, etc.) get widespread. "Extreme" is defined as activity at the limit, and in some cases beyond human capacity. Without exception, all extreme sports carry a potential danger to human health.

More often, dependence on sports occurs among young and middle-aged people: athletes and people leading an active lifestyle.

It is important to distinguish a sports addiction from the usual passion for sports. Like any addiction, it drives out other life values, immersing a person in an illusory, invented world. When separated from sports activities dependent person becomes irritable, depressed and anxious. Sport becomes his only vital need, interest in the world, people disappear, there is a degradation in all other spheres of human life.

The development of a kind of withdrawal syndrome is noted, this sindrome occurs when the cancellation of Jogging, gym visits, fitness: the appearance of anxiety, tension, irritability, muscle twitching, aching pain in the muscles and joints.

Golden secrets of life, which is free from dependence
Arrange your free time for the benefit of yourself and your family, engage in productive, interesting Hobbies.
Plan the time spent in the gym clearly (at the computer, in stores, …).
Try to meet with friends more often personally, invite them to your place and visit their ones.
Choose at least one day of the week, when you will be able to devote entirely to communication with the parents, loved ones or friends.

Spend more time outdoors. Sometimes ordinary Hiking can stabilize the emotional state and improve mood.
Replace reading the news in the social network with reading interesting books, enrich your knowledge.