Energy drinks — history of one more case of deception
Soft energy drinks
  • Water, synthetic caffeine — the main active ingredient, carbonic acid for drink fizzing, vitamins and microelements, taurine and other dietary supplements, sugar or sweeteners, synthetic dyes and fragrances providing more attractive taste and color of a drink are a part of energy drinks.
  • Caffeine — the main and active pharmacologically active component of all energy drinks.
  • Caffeine has a stimulating effect, however it is not an energy source, and it acts like the whip lash to make vital organs and systems of the person work most actively, sometimes at a limit of the opportunities
  • Caffeine is minimally toxic, however in high doses and in regular use it can cause psychomotor excitement, irritability, insomnia, other symptoms of mental and physical exhaustion, tachycardia, disturbances of a heart rhythm, increase of arterial blood pressure, nausea, vomiting.
  • Pediatricians are unanimous: it is better for children to avoid drinking caffeine drinks as caffeine can injure nervous system at the stage of its formation. The child becomes irritable, whimsy, quickly gets tired. Both the night and day sleep is disturbed. Diuretic effect of caffeine can also have negative influence on an organism.
Kidneys experience the raised overload, the organism looses water. Along with liquid the organism looses mineral substances including the potassium, calcium, magnesium. These microelements are necessary for cardiac performance but they are removed, thus, the regular use of caffeine has negative impact on the growing cardiovascular system.

Caffeine is contraindicated to a persons suffering from epilepsy induced by mental excitability, insomnia, at arterial hypertension, disorder of heart rhythm, glaucoma and also in cases of individual intolerance.

Alcohol energy drinks
  • The combined effect of caffeine and alcohol – that's the point providing fundamental difference of alcohol energy drinks from any other low alcohol drinks. The mechanism of the simultaneous effect of several pharmacological active agents having an opposite impact on the central nervous system — sedative (ethanol) and stimulating (caffeine) is a subject of great attention of many researches.
  • The reason for the accelerated alcoholization in case of long consumption of the drinks combining in the structure ethanol with caffeine is reduced control over the doses; inevitable growth of tolerance, imperceptible for the consumer that is a characteristic symptom of getting used of an organism both to caffeine, and to alcohol and then development of pathological dependence on these psychoactive substances.
  • Negative influence of alcohol energy drinks on complex biochemical processes of brain causes numerous disturbances of the main psychophysiological reactions of an organism, promotes transition to consumption of more hard alcoholic drinks with the subsequent forming of alcohol addiction.

Biologically active agents as a part of energy drinks

  • Sometimes producers of energy drinks add some extracts of a ginseng or other tonic substances into them. Thus the effect of caffeine and vitamins is considered to be exponentiated.
  • Often such active pharmacological agent as taurine causing heavy allergic reactions can be seen as a part of energy drinks
  • However regular consumption of energy drinks containing biological active agents can strengthen side effects, such as emergence concerns, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, depression, tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmia, psychomotor excitement.
Content of sugars in energy drinks is very high that considerably raises load of endocrine function of a pancreas as a result the risk of the development of diabetes mellitus grows. Frequent consumption of energy drinks in the raised doses can lead to diabetes mellitus, especially in cases of the genetic predisposition presented.

Also synthetic substances, artificial dyes, fragrances, amplifiers of taste and preservatives are contained in tonic energy drinks. They are used to increase the period of storage and as a result growth of sales. These substances do destroy our health, have toxic effect on a human body, on a liver firstly, since it performs the main function of neutralization of alien substances.

"Cheerfulness as a loan" will inevitably demand payments in the next or long-term future. Do not allow to put experiments over your own health!

Taking energy drinks, you deceive your organism!

Energy drinks have psychological effect. However, it is artificial cheerfulness! It is good if you are young, strong and healthy if not some irreparable disturbances can develop, the organism's opportunities are not boundless. Sale of tonics in retail chain stores is prohibited in many countries. Only the resolved substances that do not demand measures of the state control.

But question is "Are these substances and their combination really so harmless?"