Danger, electronic cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes cause and support nicotine addiction, sometimes stronger than tobacco one.

Smokers who can't or don't want to give up smoking and resort to the consumption of electronic cigarettes, as the lesser of evils, risk becoming " double» smokers. Due to high nicotine addictions, they can't quit Smoking and continue to use regular cigarettes in combination with electronic, thereby causing irreparable harm to their health. Thus, the consumption of electronic cigarettes nullifies all chances of a smoker ever giving up smoking completely .

Danger,electronic cigarettes!

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes present their products as a way to" safety " Smoking and even as a way of quitting Smoking and treating tobacco addiction. How to treat it? What are the dangers of electronic cigarettes? The main danger is the myths supported by tobacco companies related to electronic cigarettes.

"Safe and harmless", " effective and cool"?
They're safe, I can smoke them instead of regular cigarettes!

Firstly, e-cigarettes are unsafe, their aerosols contain highly toxic nicotine and other chemical toxins and carcinogens (e.g. carbon compounds, heavy metals such as tin, copper, chrome and Nickel).

Secondly, the composition of liquids for electronic cigarettes is not regulated by any standards. Contents stated on the package nicotine and other chemicals are often does not match the actual composition of the liquid. You'll never know exactly what you're poisoning yourself with!

Did you know that nicotine sulfate contained in e-cigarette refills is a powerful neurotoxin, which was previously used for etching insects, but was banned due to high toxicitiy. When ingested through the skin or stomach it can cause severe poisoning up to fatal outcome.

They're harmless to the environment, I can use them where it's not allowed to smoke.

First, the vapors produced by electronic cigarettes are not harmless to others. The content of highly toxic chemicals and nicotine in the vapors of electronic cigarettes makes them also dangerous to others, including pregnant women and their future children if women consume e-cigarettes themselves or are passively exposed to their fumes.

Second, Smoking electronic cigarettes in places where Smoking is not allowed, you can not do it, since the consumption of all that imitates Smoking in public places is prohibited by Federal law No. 15-FZ "on the protection of public health from the effects of ambient tobacco smoke and the effects of tobacco use."

They will help me to quit Smoking, and they are better than any therapy!
Don't have such a hope! There is no evidence to prove the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a treatment for tobacco addiction.
Otherwise, serious international studies show that the use of electronic cigarettes does not help smokers to give up tobacco consumption.

Who benefits it?
The world fears that if you do not ban electronic cigarettes, they can return to the former fashion for Smoking.

Advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes are actively supported by the tobacco industry, many tobacco companies themselves are engaged in the production of e-cigarettes, Because they know that as long as e-cigarettes will be allowed, and as long as new smokers will try them, the ranks of consumers of tobacco products will never run out.
It's good that we have a law protecting us from e-cigarettes along with tobacco products, including their advertising and promotion.

Take care of children!
It is proved that a third of adolescents who have tried electronic cigarettes have never been smoked before. Having tried e-cigarettes due to their curiosity, they quickly become regular consumers of e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco products, so-called "double" smokers. And this is exactly what tobacco companies are striving for.